Discover Financial Services is one of the most prominent financial companies in the state. (I) We have designed the application process screens, utilizing the Discover brand design system, to convey the brand message and enable users to apply for and use their cards instantly. Our goal was to educate and guide users effectively and efficiently through the application process. (II) We have improved the credit card payment process for revolvers, giving them the option to choose between paying in full or paying over time. This development is designed to aid in their recovery process. (III) To promote the benefits of “secure cards” compared to traditional “it cards”, we have worked on redesigning the user interface by modernizing it to enhance the user experience and convey the advantages of secure cards effectively with redeveloped verbiage.

UI Designer

MCD Partners


Discover Financial Services

(I) Instant Credit

(II) Consumer Lending Recovery Journey

(III) Alternative Offer Modernization