Berlin Atonal is an annual festival for sonic and visual art that takes place in two distinct stages. It originally ran from 1982 to 1990 and was relaunched in 2013 under new direction, continuing to the present day. The festival showcases contemporary projects at the intersection of sound art, visual and media art, installation, and performance. It places a strong emphasis on commissioned work and world premieres.
     I developed the concepts 'Noise, Dimension, and Abstract,' drawing inspiration from the unique atonal music and interactive visual arts associated with the festival. I began working on a bitmap system to create a logotype. Since dimensional visual art that interacts with music and performance is a key feature of this event, I transformed the logo into a 3D representation and built the visual system based on the cube."

Visual Designer
Art Director
Motion Designer
Typography Designer
UX/UI Designer



Berlin Atonal

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