Miki Isayama is a New York-based Japanese designer specializing in visual design, user interface design, and art direction. Raised in an artistic environment by creative parents, she developed an early passion for design. Her journey in the world of design began during her time at the School of Visual Arts when she started collaborating with brands and design agencies. She graduated with honors (top 5%) and has received prestigious accolades, including the Rhodes Family Award for Outstanding Achievement in Design and the Robert I. Blumenthal Memorial Award, in recognition of her work. 
     Her design philosophy is rooted in minimalism, and she creates designs with clarity and simplicity. Her passion lies in designing products that enhance the quality of people's everyday lives and inspire individuals through her designs and the experiences they enable. Influenced by her unique background and experiences, Miki continuously seeks her goals and her purpose as a designer. She brings her artistic vision to life through her designs.